They Do Things Differently There

Laura Stiers is a third year English major studying abroad in London this quarter. In Dispatches from London, she blogs about books, curious Anglicisms, and literary culture in one of Europe’s most literary cities. I'm doing my reading for tomorrow, a British political newspaper from 1931. Bored, I flip to the end to read the … Continue reading They Do Things Differently There


Poetry: “KJ’s Feet”, by Craig Cotter

Not a callous. Each nail clear. Cuticles naturally, symmetrically edged. Scent gets me hard. Size 12. Twenty-four. Every other surface (dark black hair) perfect. Perfect scent. You drink steadily Absolut Cape Cod That monstrosity, what’s it called, she said. The Pomapdour Center? Yeah that’s it. Great Rivers cardboard sculpture. KJ your 6-foot 140 pound twink … Continue reading Poetry: “KJ’s Feet”, by Craig Cotter

Fiction: “Written on the Wall in Chalk” by Lee Oleson

A story of our post-9/11 Great Depression. This piece is an eery and all-too-telling portrait of today's Americana. ---The Editors The laundry, off a side street, has a small sign over the front door that says Capeti & Brothers. It’s a large, two-story building with no windows. From inside comes the roar of machines. Schroeder … Continue reading Fiction: “Written on the Wall in Chalk” by Lee Oleson