Poetry: “Incarnation” by Anthony Opal

A by himself crow
is picking at the bark

on a log
on top of a rain wet

black feathers glinting

an allover misting

of december rain
on christmas lights—

this incarnation
as viewed from my office window—

a father-forsaken shadow
taking flight

among us, lonely moving.


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Greetings from the New Editors

Hello! I’m Keith Jamieson, Euphony’s new Fiction Editor. I and the new Poetry Editor, Yini Shi, are hoping to make the website a more integral part of Euphony than it has been in the past. That means more unique content and more frequent updates. To start off, you’ll find below a new, web-exclusive story by Raphaela Weissman. Please check back to find out more in the coming weeks, as well as to download a copy of our upcoming Winter 2011 issue!

Fiction: “I Thought I Was Going to Die” by Raphaela Weissman

i. In The Elevator

I heard a rumbling. I thought the other guy heard it too, the old man with the shopping bag, wearing a sweater vest and a hat that used to have some kind of special name when he was younger, before my time— fisherman’s cap. No, sandcatcher. Something like that.

It was a special rumbling. It’s always a special sound, when I think I’m going to die. I wanted to ask the old man, can’t you tell that there’s something different about that, that it’s coming from the bowels of the elevator shaft? He’s older than I am and has probably been riding elevators since they were made differently. Maybe rumbling louder than this was what an elevator ride used to sound like; maybe you were taking your life in your hands every time you set foot inside one of these, and they had a cute name for them, death boxes or the devil’s dumbwaiter. I’m just guessing. I would have asked him. It would have been the last thing I ever learned.

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