Poetry: “Incarnation” by Anthony Opal

A by himself crow is picking at the bark on a log on top of a rain wet woodpile, black feathers glinting white, an allover misting of december rain on christmas lights— this incarnation as viewed from my office window— a father-forsaken shadow taking flight among us, lonely moving.   Anthony Opal is currently a … Continue reading Poetry: “Incarnation” by Anthony Opal


Greetings from the New Editors

Hello! I'm Keith Jamieson, Euphony's new Fiction Editor. I and the new Poetry Editor, Yini Shi, are hoping to make the website a more integral part of Euphony than it has been in the past. That means more unique content and more frequent updates. To start off, you'll find below a new, web-exclusive story by … Continue reading Greetings from the New Editors