Important Message from the Editors: New Issue Coming Out Soon

The long-expected winter issue of Euphony will finally be coming out within the next few weeks. Editing and layout are finished, and we are just waiting on the printers to get back to us with the copies. In the meantime, a new piece of short fiction from the issue, “Lynn Somebody”, can be found below.

Thank you for your commitment to Euphony as readers, and we hope you enjoy the new issue!

– The Editors


Sneak Peak from the New Issue: “Lynn Somebody” by Corey Mesler

The first time that I died I didn’t even make it to the gates. I was stopped by an angel with a baton and a can of pepper spray. Move along, he said. Where? I rightly asked him. Back to where you came from, Skippy, he said. I thought the use of ‘Skippy’ unnecessary and condescending but I went back anyway. My wife was asleep in the chair, her head hanging over knitting needles which had dropped from her drowsy hands. She was not attractive in this posture but she was my wife. She woke up. Where have you been, she asked, surreptitiously wiping drool from the corner of her mouth with a colorful, half-finished merkin. I went out for a while, I told her. You wanna sandwich, she asked. I told her I wasn’t hungry and went into the rec room because I felt like a wreck. I found some good strong cord. Next time, I thought, I will get pass that bastard with the pepper spray. Continue reading