Fiction: “Somebody’s Boy” by Diane Lechleitner

It was a sweltering day. August hot. Carpenter bees hovered in the still air. Flags hung limp and field crickets chirped in the tall dry grass. The boy was farther from home than he should be, more than a mile away, tromping through an unmowed hayfield. A small black dog ran alongside him, tongue drooping … Continue reading Fiction: “Somebody’s Boy” by Diane Lechleitner


Spring 2012 Cover Contest

It's that time of year again. Euphony is preparing to publish its Spring 2012 issue and we're looking for a cover! We invite anyone who works with photography or any other visual art medium to enter out Spring 2012 Cover contest. Send your images to by Friday, April 20th. Each entry should be related … Continue reading Spring 2012 Cover Contest