Fiction: “The Revolution” by Ling E. Teo

Tired of the male machismo and sexist attitudes, Ms Delacruz dresses differently. Today, Ms Delacruz wears a cowboy outfit, complete with bolo tie, a departure from her peach-colored dresses with floral prints. She stands up in front of us – one hundred and thirty middle school teachers – as the female Assistant Principal’s indispensable school … Continue reading Fiction: “The Revolution” by Ling E. Teo


Poetry: “Summer’s End” by Linda Beeman

Summer’s End summer’s first light skims top most limbs of hemlock incites swallows to their aerobic labors and peeks under the skirts of my uphill big leaf maple angular beams mottle through elder and salmon berries painting lime     grass     nile     bottle greens     highlight slug slime calligraphy on my window glass agonizingly slow action painters those … Continue reading Poetry: “Summer’s End” by Linda Beeman

Fiction: “These Are the Eyes of Norah Jones” by Phillip Gardner

Adam’s Rib was located near the office where we spent our days cursing the stock market and counting down the hours, where Robert, Peter, Wess and I no longer sold high-end real estate. Wess referred to the bar simply as “The Chain” although to my knowledge it belonged to no franchise. “Nooo,” Robert said—this was … Continue reading Fiction: “These Are the Eyes of Norah Jones” by Phillip Gardner