Poetry: “Night Flight” by Jay Rubin

Night Flight —Above the Atlantic Cabin dimmed, passengers slack sky outside my window black A cranky couple quarrels in French fingers stab the air He a suit, she a skirt each a laurel of light How wonderful—Company Somebody else wet by the rain another yawn along the campaign The woman twists, waves a wrist shines … Continue reading Poetry: “Night Flight” by Jay Rubin


Poetry: “Late Harvest” by Donna L. Emerson

Late Harvest After reading Catherine the Great I found the stable full of rhymes and boys, limed, serifed, written bold upon— who embroidered moon fall, fell upon me at dawn. Called forward by the many miracles of mouth and sibilant song, delivered to new ports opened on the Black Sea: Odessa, Kiev, traveling as Empress … Continue reading Poetry: “Late Harvest” by Donna L. Emerson