Poetry: “Night Flight” by Jay Rubin

Night Flight
—Above the Atlantic

Cabin dimmed, passengers slack
sky outside my window black

A cranky couple quarrels in French
fingers stab the air

He a suit, she a skirt
each a laurel of light

How wonderful—Company

Somebody else wet by the rain
another yawn along the campaign

The woman twists, waves a wrist
shines her red-wine eyes on mine

Two smart, silent smacks
sky outside my window black

Jay Rubin teaches writing at The College of Alameda in the San Fran­cisco Bay Area and publishes Alehouse, an all-poetry literary journal, at http://www.alehousepress.com. He holds an MFA in Poetry from New England College and lives in San Francisco with his son and Norwich terrier.


Poetry: “Late Harvest” by Donna L. Emerson

Late Harvest
After reading Catherine the Great

I found the stable full of rhymes and boys,
limed, serifed, written bold upon—
who embroidered moon fall, fell upon me at dawn.
Called forward by the many miracles of mouth
and sibilant song, delivered to new ports
opened on the Black Sea: Odessa, Kiev,
traveling as Empress Catherine, whose favorite
sang late. Crests of iolite wave lapping

minaret and snow-white shore. That voyage south
did end, Catherine fluttered down, as did the brown
barn, fallen upon its hemlock knees. Late April snow
heaved it down. Boys fell out of lofts, sky, or dead
from too much earth, some choked in vines.
A buried harvest sizzles, shushing, hushed—still mine.

Donna’s recent publications include The New Ohio Review, Sanskrit, The Place That Inhabits Us, Poems of the Bay Area Watershed, The Paterson Literary Review, Praxis, and Eclipse. She won the Tiny Lights Flash competition, 2010. Chapbooks include This Water, 2007, Body Rhymes, Finishing Line Press, 2009, nominated for the California Book Award, and Wild Mercy (Finishing Line Press, 2011). Donna is Events Chair at the Marin Poetry Center, San Rafael, CA. Donna’s fourth chapbook, Following Hay, will be published by Finishing Line Press, November, 2013.FrontCoverSmaller15-600dpi

Poetry: “Dressing this Morning” by Bryanna Licciardi

Dressing this Morning

I am waiting for you along the line of a bed
building up stories and knocking them down—

Christ-like figures will find one another
and I’ve yet to find the grace in letting go.

My life plateaued in a prom dress, the red one
you always liked, even years later. Together

we lived in breakfast, in punishment,
in cold cups of coffee left on the nightstand,

in the way you used to say
my short skirts mean I’m self improving.

Bryanna Licciardi is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, where she serves as the Poetry Editor for Redivider magazine. Currently she lives in Boston working as a tutor. Her meager wages go towards feeding her overweight cat Johnny.