Poetry: “Intermission” by Esteban Rodriguez

Intermission Semi-shrouded behind the tent, and they linger like flies, a half-circle of a handful of clowns, chit-chatting and spitting bits of their red painted lips on the mud-worn ground, nothing like the movie image of their crazed chuckles, defiled teeth, poison-squirt flowers and rusted mini-tricycles squeaking from house to house, snuffing little boys every …


Euphony Cover Contest Deadline Extended!

To give people more time to submit their work, we are extending the deadline for our cover photo contest to this Sunday, January 26th! As before, please send your images to euphonyjournal@gmail.com. Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your submissions! -The Editors

Poetry: “If I Don’t Get Out There Soon I’ll Die” by Thomas Pescatore

If I don't get out there soon I'll die Close as many roads as you like I imagine one straight golden line leading out to the coast through leaning wheat stacked plains and closed snow covered mountain passes, trees taller than the buildings sent to suffocate and teach me to keep my head down, teach …