Poetry: “Peruvianus” by Jacob Riyeff

Peruvianus Making love to February air; staring out at neon lights freezing. Droning into a rising sun and drinking soma in the mind— this beatific brace stunting every thought and settles simply with a longing laugh. Jacob Riyeff currently studies medieval literature at the University of Notre Dame. When not spending time with his family, … Continue reading Poetry: “Peruvianus” by Jacob Riyeff


Poetry: “This Way to the Tower” by Kristine Ong Muslim

This Way to the Tower Your faulty timekeeping device has finally brought you here. How the city teems with bodies, the bodies of those who dismembered their mute citizens. What remains is the taut spirit of morning, its dew-stricken air made denser by swirling debris— and you now understand that not everything is allowed to … Continue reading Poetry: “This Way to the Tower” by Kristine Ong Muslim

Poetry: “Fireside Chat” by John F. Buckley and Martin Ott

Fireside Chat The fireplace has been replaced by a TV cracked open like a dinosaur egg, the blue flame flickering inside the screen. President Smunchner, half-ruined face still swoonworthy from the right, patiently waits for the drums to subside, for children to return to parents' sides. The purple mountains proudly wear their scars and even … Continue reading Poetry: “Fireside Chat” by John F. Buckley and Martin Ott

From the Archives: “Grown” by Janelle Adsit

we choose familiar places for goodbye places with trees, twigs hardly fastened, and geese droppings like paste beneath us which we avoid so as not to stay or take the place with us. the bed of water holds the green—only green—so not even our reflections can remind us. Originally published in Winter 2009.