Poetry: “Lineage” by SR Stewart

                  SR Stewart is an MFA student in poetry. Her poetic focus stems from the works of Berryman, Plath, and Bukowski. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest farming her garden and working as the associate acquisitions editor for Unsolicited Press.

Looking for the Spring Issue?

Euphony is releasing its spring issue on Monday, 5/19! Check back here to find an electronic copy, and for those of you in the Chicago area, we'll be hosting a launch party to celebrate the arrival of our 28th issue. More details can be found here on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Poetry: “Thornton Dial and Flesh-Eating Beatles” by Carrie Meadows

Thornton Dial & Flesh-Eating Beetles Two bobcats, a deer, a cow's head, a Labrador retriever, all in a heavy-duty lawn & leaf bag. When the bones've been cleaned by beetles, weight and gravity disappear. If pheromones spread to marrow, then ladybugs will come here this winter to sleep and die, leaving trails of yellow blood …