Fiction: “Good Taste” by Dana Schwartz

In the bedroom of a small apartment outside Kielce in Poland, a man named Gustaw Smolak had a heart attack just as his wife left to get groceries in their olive green Camaro.  The Smolak family lived on the second floor of a building that had been redecorated so many times by its tenants over … Continue reading Fiction: “Good Taste” by Dana Schwartz


Fiction: “Into the Horizon” by Kacy Cunningham

Gam never cuddled or cooed.  She didn’t linger or inquire or speak of love.  She had suffered the loss of her husband over two decades ago and, though they hadn’t laughed often, when they did, it was deep and hearty.  Gam smothered bread with butter and piled ham high between the white, buttery slices, serving … Continue reading Fiction: “Into the Horizon” by Kacy Cunningham