Poetry: “Banyan Nights” by Lara Dolphin

Burgettstown bred, I sit on steel atop a Bouganville Ficus close to Bagana near the Torokina River directing artillery fire by radio. Nearby flares rain down on Hill 260. The Southern Cross appears, and the infantry slips behind concertina wire. Saint Barbara, bless these powdered eggs and dehydrated potatoes, guide our ordnance and steady our … Continue reading Poetry: “Banyan Nights” by Lara Dolphin


Poetry: “Six Standing Crows” by Meryl McQueen

Huddled like rabbis in a field Of dying rye, six standing Crows scratch a coarse meal From dust and dirt. No command Or edict tumbles from flat sky. No Rain. Skullcaps of slick black Feathers dip and nod as bow To cello, the rhythm halfway back To darkness. The gathered stalks Are crumpled moths, wan … Continue reading Poetry: “Six Standing Crows” by Meryl McQueen

Poetry: “Rhapsody on Independence Day” by Evan Beaty

The psalmists have all gone underground with armfuls of tortoiseshell inkwells and yellowed paper and their bodies and horses’ bodies wrapped in a rind of sour-tasting fog. All their wives are blonde but not the type that cries at airports or major abandonments of the more permanent sort. They are in their houses making buttermilk … Continue reading Poetry: “Rhapsody on Independence Day” by Evan Beaty