Fiction: “The Nokken” by Sean McCarthy

            “Papa!” Nina saw the old man first, just a second before Ollie, standing at the edge of the woods on the far side of the pond. He waved to them, and then beckoned, but they did not move. And then he was there, and then he was gone. The … Continue reading Fiction: “The Nokken” by Sean McCarthy


Poetry: “Reckless Abandon” by Thomas Piekarski

El Capitan cloaked in a cloud of angel wing powder;            art implemented as orgasm that releases            inhibition and accumulates tintinnabulations…                        Was it a clump of kelp or a mama sea otter snuggling a baby on its tummy that bounced out there atop the salty waves?                         And would the answer be intelligible … Continue reading Poetry: “Reckless Abandon” by Thomas Piekarski