Poetry: “Civilization and its Discontents” by Martin H. Levinson

I bite my lips, pinch my thighs, pray I don’t pound you into the ground or chuck myself off the twenty-second floor terrace we are standing on as your sip your Singapore Sling, munch on a pretzel, pontificate over climate change, feminism, the lack of civility in American   society and your aching feet that … Continue reading Poetry: “Civilization and its Discontents” by Martin H. Levinson


Fiction: “Hanley’s Suggestion” by Todd Easton Mills

Recidivists! And I’m one of them— Killer-diller in my two-tone stompers. Hi-de-ho! We’re cooking with gas. It was a smoggy morning in August, already 120 degrees. In the quad below office workers were taking their 8:45 break. Hanley adjusted the binocular feature on his eyeglasses, which magnified the leaves of a live oak and revealed … Continue reading Fiction: “Hanley’s Suggestion” by Todd Easton Mills

Poetry: “Reckless Abandon” by Thomas Piekarski

El Capitan cloaked in a cloud of angel wing powder;            art implemented as orgasm that releases            inhibition and accumulates tintinnabulations…                        Was it a clump of kelp or a mama sea otter snuggling a baby on its tummy that bounced out there atop the salty waves?                         And would the answer be intelligible … Continue reading Poetry: “Reckless Abandon” by Thomas Piekarski

Poetry: “Samaritans” by Christopher Scribner

The speckled fawn walks among them; as she nibbles earnestly at the foliage, the shade of her body throws the tombstones’ dates into shadow. There’s splendor in the sharply-angled morning light. I imagine my own granite marker, its last line unfilled. In life’s sadness the days pass slowly, the years quickly; each year I keep my birthday quiet; … Continue reading Poetry: “Samaritans” by Christopher Scribner