Managing Editor: Rory Nevins


Hailing from Bethesda, Maryland, Rory Nevins is a fourth year majoring in History and Fundamentals: Issues and Texts, with a focus on the idea of immortality. As a fan of strange and wondrous fiction, his favorite authors include Jorge Luis Borges, Angela Carter, Franz Kafka, and Miyazawa Kenji. He is thrilled to serve Euphony as managing editor for 2021-2022!.

Co-Poetry Editors:  Henrique A. Caldas and Tula Hansonhenry

Henrique Caldas is a second-year from São Paulo, Brazil, majoring in Psychology with a minor interest in Neuroscience and Cinema and Media Studies. He is interested in studying and advocating for mental health, the branch of psychology he is most keen on learning more about and a potential career cornerstone of his, but his anthropocentric focus does not disincentivize him from also being enthusiastic about animals. In the downtimes, you can find him drawing fashion, ideating, taking photos, perhaps writing, and reading superhero comics and books from writers like Nabokov, Donna Tartt, Daphne du Maurier, Jane Austen, and Aldous Huxley.

tulaTula Hanson is a second year from Seattle, Washington majoring in Economics and planning to minor in English & Creative Writing and Classical Studies. She loves to write, dance, and daydream about the wilderness of her home state, which inspires a lot of her work. Though she misses the mountains, she is happy to be in Chicago and a part of Euphony!

Prose Editors: Laura Ribeiro and Julia DillmanLaura

Laura Ribeiro is a third year double majoring in Creative Writing and Spanish. When she isn’t reading submissions for Euphony, she can be found wandering around the quad, browsing at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, or playing violin in the University Chamber Orchestra. Her favorite writers include Catherynne M. Valente, Susanna Clarke, Arkady Martine, and Patricia Lockwood.

JuliaDillmanJulia Dillman is a third year majoring in Creative Writing and planning to minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She’ll read just about any genre of fiction and has a soft spot for unreliable narrators. You can typically find her in the nearest cafe drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea and crossing books of her ever-expanding TBR list.

Reviews Editors: Madeline Fenster and

Christopher J. Leemadeline

Hi! I’m Madeline, and I’m a second year CRWR / PoliSci major in the college. I love being incredibly average at Tetris and below average at crosswords, and pretending to know lyrics to songs I’ve never heard before. This year I’m very excited to serve as one of Euphony’s Reviews Editors, and to being part of this fun team!

ChrisChris Lee is a second-year majoring in Political Science and Creative Writing from San Jose, California. A lover of science-fiction and fantasy (both in literature and film), he is more than happy to talk to you about Arrakis, Middle-Earth, Hogwarts, Tatooine, Wakanda or anything in-between. When he’s not reading or writing, you can probably find Chris watching either baseball or sitcoms, playing board/card games of all sorts, or playing/listening to music.

Outreach Chair: Brandon Zang

0.pngBrandon Zang is a fourth year anthropology major from Vancouver, Canada. Having lived in the lush province of British Columbia, Brandon spends a lot of time in the outdoors hiking and photographing wildlife. When not doing literary wizardry with Euphony, Brandon enjoys acting, playing the clarinet, and (obviously) reading. He is an avid science fiction fan, and you can catch Brandon in the quad on sunny days reading some of his favorite authors, including Liu Cixin, Philip K. Dick, Frank Herbert,  John Wyndham, and Neil Gaiman.

Social Media Chair: Isabella Cisneros

izzyIsabella Cisneros is a third year Biology major from Orlando, Florida. In addition to serving as Outreach Chair for Euphony, she is an associate editor for the arts section of The Chicago Maroon and occasionally edits for Triple Helix’s publications. Her favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Donna Tartt, and Jane Austen. When not reading or writing, she enjoys playing tennis, binging an ungodly amount of Netflix, and daydreaming about the book she plans to write someday.

Emeritus Editors: Irene Li and Michael Han

IreneIrene Li is a fourth year majoring in Fundamentals: Issue and Texts. Her main academic interests are literature and philosophy, and she especially enjoys classic and modernist texts by East Asian and European authors. Her most ambitious dream is to read all her favorite pieces in their original languages. When she’s not serving as Euphony’s poetry co-editor, you can probably find her taking walks around the neighborhood and pondering all kinds of weird stuff. By the way, she also wants to make her own indie video games, so let’s hope that she can fit a minor in Media Arts and Design into her schedule.

MichaelNative to Earth, Michael Han is a third year by registration (negative twenty-third year by credits) majoring in Molecular Engineering and Economics. A believer in avoiding hot pot, he enjoys searching up pictures of sublime mountains while he looks wistfully on in his dorm room. Michael’s favorite writers include Joy Harjo, John Flanagan, and Jon Bellion.