Euphony welcomes submissions of unpublished poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, creative non-fiction, plays, and translations. Nearly all of our writing comes from outside the University of Chicago community, by first-time and professional authors from around the country and the world—and everything in between.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should be sent to

We no longer accept print submissions. All previous print submissions for which you have not received a response may be resubmitted per the electronic submission guidelines.

  1. In the subject heading of your email, clearly state the genre of the work (poetry or prose) and your name. This ensures that your work is properly accounted for in our system.
  2. Depending on the genre of your piece, address your email to Sammy Aiko and Liana Raguso (poetry editors) or Laura Ribeiro and Chris Lee (prose). Please double check that the editor’s name is spelled correctly. Copying, pasting, and clearing the formatting of a name always works.
  3. Attach your submission in a file compatible with Microsoft Word or a basic text editor—not in the body of the email—so the formatting of your work is preserved. .doc files are strongly, though not exclusively, preferred to .docx or PDFs.
  4. Provide a valid email address that is checked regularly so we can contact you on the status of your work: We will use your email address to contact you unless requested otherwise. If you do not have an email address, a phone number is also acceptable.
  5. Please type your work and number the pages. There are no strict length or genre requirements, though you may wish to familiarize yourself with what we publish; besides our online content, our print issues are available as PDFs here.
  6. You may include a brief biographical note in your submission (no more than four or five lines) if you would like one to appear in the journal. Notes may be slightly edited for formatting reasons.
  7. We accept simultaneous submissions. If your work is published elsewhere, please notify us immediately so we can remove your submission from our queue.

Accepted contributors will receive two complimentary copies of the issue by mail. Alternatively, your piece may be selected to appear exclusively on our website; we will notify you in this case for your permission. The print issue is permanently archived online, but both print and online rights revert to authors upon publication.


Q: When can I expect to hear back about my submission?

Our reading period is from October to June, though you may send submissions year-round. We aim to respond to submissions within three months of receiving them (For submissions not sent during our reading period, this means three months pending the start of our review.). We appreciate your patience, as we take care to thoroughly consider each piece through a rigorous three-stage selection process. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to submissions that have not been accepted.

Q: Do you have a nonfiction editor?

Yes and no. Our editorial staff is led by a prose editor and a poetry editor. The poetry editor reviews poems as well as essays and reviews dealing with poetry, while the prose editor reviews fiction, creative non-fiction, and plays, as well as essays and reviews dealing with fiction. Creative non-fiction pieces will be reviewed by the prose editor, while essays and reviews will be reviewed by the editor to whom their content is most pertinent.

Q: Do you charge a reading fee?


Q: Do you still review print submissions?

Due to the high volume of submissions that we receive, we no longer accept any print submissions. We make an exception for people with no internet access, but otherwise, please email manuscripts to, following the submissions guidelines listed above. Print submissions that we do receive will be reviewed, but not necessarily within the three-month window.

For further submission issues, direct inquiries to