Poetry: “What Might Reasonably Be Called People,” Nick Lehner

Something from the comic books— yes, that’s a good beginning. We’ll start out unreal and fantastic, turning dark and graphic in time. Fantastic. Shazam, kapow. Inset—a face with tears puddling, unrealistic eyepools of sorrow, balloon filled with Father! father! or exclamations equally italicized and important. Some thing of import, so that later when blood burbles […]

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Author Spotlight: Shaun Tan

Picture Books For Adults: The Whimsical Art of Shaun Tan Tales from Outer Suburbia Arthur A. Levine Books, Hardcover, 96 pp. February 1, 2009 Today’s graphic novels are striving to prove to literati that they aren’t just kids’ stuff. By tackling adult themes and employing sophisticated art styles, writers and artists like Neil Gaiman and […]

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