Poetry: “Velikiye Luki” by Michael Sandler

When arthritis made her wince, she muttered the town name as metonym for a cold, crowded prison floor— a journey, world war, and privations away from the woman I knew: wizened in a faded dress at her dining table in L.A., her magnifying glass big as a saucer quivering to parse the newspaper for a … Continue reading Poetry: “Velikiye Luki” by Michael Sandler


Poetry: “Raccoon” by Michael Lyle

I watch a raccoon wobble like a drunk from a bar in daylight, so maybe he’s rabid or she is old and confused too many seasons, litters, scavenges cloudy eyes, achey paws a turkey vulture circles and leaves returns with a flock the raccoon flattens against the grass animal control joins me in the yard … Continue reading Poetry: “Raccoon” by Michael Lyle

Poetry: “After You Moved Out of the Upstairs Apartment” by Iris Litt

I hear footsteps on the stair but they’re not you, they’re indefinably lighter and they’re not coming here, they’re going somewhere else. On the other hand they do sound like you just enough to make me raise my head and listen awhile and smile. Iris Litt's third book of poems, Snowbird, was published by Finishing … Continue reading Poetry: “After You Moved Out of the Upstairs Apartment” by Iris Litt

Poetry: “Gitmo Orange” by Christopher Barnes

Day 1: Kurt Cobain’s bore held with essence-snarling potion. Day 2: Funnel-tubed by diagnosticians, Bound-to- happen morgue rattle an inexhaustible threat. Day 3: Overhanging suffocation in firm plastic hood. Day 4: In sea thirst Guerrilla dogs racket. Day 5: Oblivion dithers, clocks refuse to tick. Christopher Barnes’ first collection LOVEBITES is published by Chanticleer.  Each … Continue reading Poetry: “Gitmo Orange” by Christopher Barnes