Poetry: “Uncle Rudi” by Michael Salcman

UNCLE RUDI —after Gerhard Richter, 1965 Based on a family snap the artist’s uncle stands a warrior posed in grand regalia, facing the camera head on, two columns of buttons front his winter coat with smeared eagles and almost invisible lightning bolts on the collar and epaulets, a swastika perched on his cap. Smiling like … Continue reading Poetry: “Uncle Rudi” by Michael Salcman


Poetry: “Gitmo Orange” by Christopher Barnes

Day 1: Kurt Cobain’s bore held with essence-snarling potion. Day 2: Funnel-tubed by diagnosticians, Bound-to- happen morgue rattle an inexhaustible threat. Day 3: Overhanging suffocation in firm plastic hood. Day 4: In sea thirst Guerrilla dogs racket. Day 5: Oblivion dithers, clocks refuse to tick. Christopher Barnes’ first collection LOVEBITES is published by Chanticleer.  Each … Continue reading Poetry: “Gitmo Orange” by Christopher Barnes

Poetry: “Reckless Abandon” by Thomas Piekarski

El Capitan cloaked in a cloud of angel wing powder;            art implemented as orgasm that releases            inhibition and accumulates tintinnabulations…                        Was it a clump of kelp or a mama sea otter snuggling a baby on its tummy that bounced out there atop the salty waves?                         And would the answer be intelligible … Continue reading Poetry: “Reckless Abandon” by Thomas Piekarski