Poetry: “Garbage Girl” by Glorianne Outlaw

Garbage Girl

Dad chucks trash onto an already full heap.
I sit on the roof of the ’82 Silverado and watch.

The skin of my legs below the edges of my shorts
burn on the truck roof as the valley sun tries

to turn me into a puddle. But I’m ok where I am
because I have a view of the whole dump.

I can see other men with their own trucks
throwing their garbage onto huge piles, smelly

and swarming with flies. I wait patiently
for Dad to finish, and the ride home when I’ll

roll down the window and swat at the baskets
of the metal cup holders until they swing.

Glorianne Outlaw revived her Bachelor’s in English from Fresno State. She is currently there getting her MFA in Poetry. She has lived in Fresno her whole life. This will be her first publication.