Poetry: “Justified Twitch” by Max Lewin

Justified Twitch

I made my mind
down by the river
of euphemism, most
playful species of meta
-phor. The river ran
me round fora for a few
years, pebbled my perma
-stonedness, taught me
to speak with rocks
-tarred, defeated eyes
minus groupies and the hard
stuff. You don’t get it
-chy, don’t get soma
-tically clipped waves when yr voice
boxing with the gauze man. Imp
-ossible to chip and too
-the away the ossificat
-ions of constitutional cons
-iderations: yr gonna need a big
-gots taste nd a narc
-issistic diet of hate for
-matted by expert wit
-ticists in the employ of demons
-trated partisans, arti
-sins of dis

Max Lewin is currently pursuing an MA in Computer Science at The University of Chicago. He studied poetry as an undergrad at Vassar College, and is eternally grateful to his friend and teacher Josh Harmon for opening his mind’s page.