Poetry: “Skipping Stones” by Blake London

we stood beside a lake unmoving,
flat stones in small palms,
  two boys with frozen tongues.

the first stone flew
and didn’t skip
  so much as sink.

we watched,
  a spell unbroken.

The second stone followed,
  then a third,
a fourth,
  and soon you and I
made each stone keep its
  beat, drumsticks on glassy skin –
  how it is to be
  chopped into broken beauty.

we let stones speak as words,
sung in rippling
rhythms –
  imprinting without
  any evidence.


Blake London is a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying English and Psychology. Originally from Gillette, Wyoming, he performs original spoken word poetry with The Excelano Project and was the 2013 recipient of the Wyoming Young Authors Prize in Poetry.