POETRY: “LIGHT YEARS” by Laurie Sewall

A being formed/not formed yet  
into anything more than an orb

in a photo on our refrigerator—and this
pulsation will one day break

through embryonic sac, her skull hopefully
not tear what one doctor today called

the vestibule that beautiful awareness
between the opening and exit, that expanse

where future presents itself as a rendering
of the light body—and sometime well past

kindergarten she’ll charge through a door-
way where her generation awaits

like an exciting verb, though now
she’s a swirling inside our daughter’s

womb—an elliptical galaxy backlit
naked and ready we imagine, her

sleep stretched out undulating
from one shore to another less familiar

Laurie Sewall‘s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Ploughshares, The Minnesota Review, Permafrost, Cimarron Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Poet Lore, and Columbia Journal, among other publications. She received a BS from Northwestern University, an MFA in poetry from New England College, and an MA in counseling psychology from Lesley University.