POETRY: “Of Things Seen New” by John Timothy Robinson

I wanted to write of things seen new,
not screaming hate on deafened ears,
not watch-words or double-speak imbued

with harsher tones, forgotten views,
no mind melancholy-kissed of fears.
I wanted to write of things seen new,

to capture coal-flared flames of truth;
like minds that sung beyond their years,
not watch-words or double-speak imbued

with saintly dyes and scars of few,
not without the painful tears.
I wanted to write of things seen new.

In this work, created as if grown, soon
find words that burn with light as clear,
not watch-words or double-speak imbued.

From dream I make, live through,
a kind of hope, urging here.
I wanted to write of things seen new,
not watch-words or double-speak imbued.

John Timothy Robinson is a traditional, mainstream citizen and ten-year educator for Mason County Schools in Mason County, WV who holds a Regent’s Degree. John’s poetry has appeared in fifty-five journals since August 2016, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, electronic, and print. He has also published several literary critical essays. As a printmaker, John has published thirty-six art images which have appeared in ten journals and websites in the United States and Italy.

Recent and forthcoming work:

Old Red Kimono, Blognostics: Innovative Experience in Literature, Poetry and the Arts, Common Ground Review and The Sandy River Review.

Critical/Craft Essays:

“The Origin of ‘Wind on the Water.'” Fine Lines Creative Writing Journal 2017.
“The Poet and Society,” Ginsoko Literary Journal, Issue 19, Summer 2017.
“The Farmhouse,” Glassworks Looking-Glass feature commentary, issue 15, 2017.
“Interview with Suzanna Anderson on Writers and Creativity.” The Magnolia Review 2017.
“Structuralist Stereographic Aspects of Donald Hall’s ‘The Town of Hill'” was accepted for presentation only at the 49th Annual Conference ofNortheast Modern Language Association with editorial selections facilitated through Critical Mass: New Doors in Critical Theory.
“An Aesthetic for Printmaking” first appeared in Empty Mirror 2018.
The Shallows Interview Questions on the accompanying poem, ‘A Crumpled Piece of Notebook Paper'” for Issue 2, 2018.