Poetry: “Dunes at Dawn” by Mirana Comstock

I keep track of the deepening circles

under my eyes

as if they were redwood rings

showing the number of nights

without sleep


everything is foggy

yet outlined in light

far and away

yet microscope close


in the moment

in every moment

there ever was


like the red sun

slowly slipping out of the ocean

like the primeval green vegetation

covering the dunes

as we pass by

on our morning walk at five


my new dog is up with the birds

and so am I


Mirana Comstock comes from a long line of noted artists, musicians and writers, including her late grandfather, Konrad Bercovici, author of, among other things, the original screenplay for Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. An award-winning multi-field creative, Mirana has won Best of Fest screenwriting awards from international film festivals. Her photographs are in museum collections and she exhibits frequently in NY and the Boston area. She has also created national ad campaigns for such clients as Timberland, Seagram’s and JBL. A Juilliard-trained musician, Mirana is currently mixing new music as singer/songwriter/keyboardist for alt dance duo Theory of Tides. With multiple poems published in literary magazines across the country, her work as a lyricist and a photographer’s eye for detail are both strong influences on her poetic voice.