POETRY: “Hawk Over Nantasket Beach” by Sarath Reddy

At first my eyes said
a kite hovering a hundred feet above
but there was no thread attached,
no child anchored in sand, arms outstretched,
countering the coastal gale.

The hawk began its slow drift higher
scanned the ocean’s silvery scales,
drank the blueness of sky and sea
struggling for stillness, that unsettling paralysis
of wings threading air

until they fluttered once again
embracing movement, the majestic hawk
ascending, vanishing into glare-
As I continued on my walk, thankful
for my timely glance skyward,

Restless waves reaching
then falling back, and in their wake
a stretch of glistening sand littered
with shipwrecked shells, the serendipity
of sea glass.

Sarath Reddy enjoys writing poetry which explores the world beneath the superficial layers of experience, searching for deeper meaning in his experiences as an Indian-American, as a physician, and as a father. Sarath’s poetry has been published in JAMA, Off the Coast, and Please see Me. His work is forthcoming in Another Chicago Magazine, Poetry East, Hunger Mountain, and Cold Mountain Review. He lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.